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Located along the St. Lawrence River, Montreal offers some of the country's greatest attractions, activities, festivals, and flavors from every corner of the world. With its unique blend of cultures, a wide array of events all year long during the day and night, and its lively neighborhoods, visitors can benefit from a variety of experiences within a three-day span or more. 

Montreal is also incredibly accessible, with hassle-free navigation through its vibrant streets, vast parks, underground pedestrian network in the downtown core, and the metro system. The city offers some of the best cuisine from cultures across the world, iconic markets, exquisite boutiques, and local cafés.

Winter in Montreal defies all expectations with respect to the cold weather by offering an abundance of outdoor shows with music and art, markets, and gourmet food. After enjoying the outdoors, visit one of several top-notch museums and fascinating art galleries. For those with an appetite or who crave a warm drink, dine in at one of Montreal's many well-renowned restaurants or relax and sip a hot chocolate by a cozy café window.

Download a copy of the Montreal Tourism Destination Map
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